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Traditional Czech

If you choose from our Offer of Old Czech Specialities, please make a binding order 2 working days in advance. Minimum Number of Portions is 10.

Thank you for your understanding.


Old Czech Potato Pancakes
Cheese Roll with Blue Cheese Stuffing
Collared Pork with Onion and Vinegar
Cheese „Hermelín“ in Pickle
Sausages with Onion and Vinegar
Goose Liver with Red Wine and Apple


Garlic Soup with Bread Toast
Old Czech Potato Soup
Czech Cream Soup „Kulajda“
Goulash Soup
Cabbage Soup with Sausages


Bacon Dumplings, Sauerkraut
Old Czech Sausages, Mashed Potatoes with Sauerkraut
Apple Bread Pudding with Raisin
Roast Pig´s Knuckle, Hors-radish Cream, Mustard, Bread
Potato Dumplings with Smoked Meat Stuffing, Cabbage, Onion
Moravian Pork „Sparrows“, Potato Dumplings Special Style
Green Pepper with Meat Stuffing, Stewed Rice
Roast Pork Meat Country Style, Bread Dumplings, Sauerkraut
Roast Chicken with Stuffing, Boiled Potatoes, Stewed Fruit
Smoked Pork Meat, Potato Dumplings, Spinach
Beef Meat, Hors-radish Cream Sauce, Bread Dumplings
Fillet of Beef, Cream Sauce, Bread Dumplings, Cranberries
Old Czech Plate (Roast Pork, Smoked Pork, Sausages, Potato Pancakes, Bread Dumplings, Sauerkraut)
Roast Goose, Potato Pancakes, Cabbage (white and red)
Roast Duck, Potato Dumplings, Cabbage (white and red)


Plum Cake
Apple Cake with Raisin
Fruit Dumplings with Cotage Cheese
Pancakes with Jam and Working Cream
Griddlecakes with Plum Jam, Cinnamon and Sugar
Aprikot Strudel with Cotage Cheese
Cake with Poppy-seed
Cake with Sour Cherries

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